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Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles is one of the most populous cities in the United States and attracts tourists and workers from all over the world. You have many things to discover and many business opportunities in Los Angeles. It has one of the most diverse economies in the world within a broad range of professional and cultural fields. Los Angeles is the symbol of a glamorous, multicultural society, which constantly moves. 

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Pierre-Alban Martinant 


We at Jade Ƶ Los Angeles understand the meaning of hard work. We’re an advisor and back-office service provider to your business. Our services include financial management and recordkeeping, tax planning and preparation, payroll processing & periodic business reviews. We’ll prepare everything you will need to make the best business decisions and operate most efficiently.

  • Advanced reporting so you know what to do

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    Deep knowledge in how to make your business perform its best

  • Experts who work in your industry

Ƶ at Jade Ƶ Los Angeles for Individuals

Financial Management

Filing of tax returns and follow-up throughout the year

- Management of all your tax returns
Formulation of tax credit claims
-Year-round reliable guidance on your tax issues, on how to minimize your overall tax liability and follow-up your tax payments


Tax / Social Consulting 

-Individual tax planning and optimization of your personal tax situation
-Insight and advice on the optimization of your personal social situation (tax free compulsory and supplementary retirement in the USA and in your country of origin, life insurance, tax exempt savings related to children’s education)

Ƶ at Jade Ƶ Los Angeles for Companies


Business set-up

-Insight and advice from an attorney on choice of entity
-Assistance on visa application in coordination with immigration lawyers


Assistance in all aspects of preparation of monthly financials, payroll and tax

-Implementation of bookkeeping procedures and records; staff training on the use of an adequate software, monitoring of A/P and A/R, bank reconciliations
-Payroll implementation and management
-Preparation of tax returns


Management consulting: analysis and recommendations

-Cash flow budget review, implementation of dashboards
-Comments on the state of your activity based on the financial statements, highlighting of the areas for improvement



-Company domiciliation, complimentary provision of a permanent address
-Reception and rerouting of your mail

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