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Los Alamitos, California


The city of Los Alamitos is located in the northwest section of Orange County, bordering on the Los Angeles County line. With a population of 11,536, the city is able to maintain much of its original small town image despite its proximity to Los Angeles. Its tree lined residential areas marry well with its energetic business and local communities.

Cuiwen He (Wendy Shen)

Branch Manager 


We at Ƶ Expertise Los Alamitos understand the meaning of hard work. We’re an advisor and back-office service provider to your business. Our services include financial management and recordkeeping, tax planning and preparation, payroll processing & periodic business reviews. We’ll prepare everything you will need to make the best business decisions and operate most efficiently.

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Accounting Ƶ


BookkeepingFinancial RecordkeepingCash Flow ManagementBank ReconciliationBill Pay



Tax Planning & ConsultingTax PreparationReturn PreparationTax Representation



Payroll PreparationLive PayrollDirect DepositPayroll TaxesPayroll Portal


Management Consulting

Business Management ConsultingCFO ƵOperations StrategyReporting

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Pre-Collection & Collection ƵAccounts Receivable Ƶ 

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Litigation Support Ƶ
Financial Analysis
Transition Ƶ
Tax Analysis

Retirement & Pension


Retirement Plan AdministrationEmployee HandbooksMedical Reimbursement Plans

Other Ƶ Offered across the Ƶ Network

Financial Management

Financial Management

Personal & Business Financial Planning
Financial Research
Financial Analysis & Consultation
Investment Advisory & Planning
Estate Planning
Retirement Planning
Financial Planning for Education 

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Should You Deduct Your Business Start-Up Expenses?

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The Importance Of A Well-Oiled Accounting Function

It’s natural for management to focus on its profit-making areas. However, the importance of a sound accounting foundation cannot be overemphasized.    

What You Need To Know About Taxes On Partners And Partnerships    

Taxation of partners and partnerships can stump you. In a given year, you may pay taxes on more partnership income than you received from the partnership.  

The Importance Of S Corporation Basis And Distribution Elections    

An S corporation can provide tax advantages over a C corporation in certain circumstances. Do you expect the business will incur losses in its early years?   

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C Corporation Or S Corporation? Ƶ Weighs The Pros And Cons

Thinking about converting from a C corporation to an S corporation? Here’s what you need to know.


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