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Arvada, Colorado


Arvada is the seventh most populous city in Colorado. Its location between Denver and Boulder increases its attractiveness as a place to work and live, and yet allows it to retain a small-town charm. With such assets as the Arvada Center, the Apex Center and a historic shopping district, Olde Town, Arvada is thriving. A highly educated workforce and excellent quality of life have all contributed to the popularity of this city.

Branch Manager

Diane Rowland

We at Ƶ Expertise Arvada understand the meaning of hard work. We’re an advisor and back-office service provider to your business. Our services include financial management and recordkeeping, tax planning and preparation, payroll processing & periodic business reviews. We’ll prepare everything you will need to make the best business decisions and operate most efficiently.

  • Advanced reporting so you know what to do

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    Deep knowledge in how to make your business perform its best

  • Tax experts who can help you plan

Accounting Ƶ


BookkeepingFinancial RecordkeepingCash Flow ManagementBank ReconciliationBill Pay



Tax Planning & ConsultingTax PreparationReturn PreparationTax Representation



Payroll PreparationLive PayrollDirect DepositPayroll TaxesPayroll Portal

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Pre-Collection & Collection ƵAccounts Receivable Ƶ 

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Litigation Support Ƶ
Financial Analysis
Transition Ƶ
Tax Analysis



Retirement Plan AdministrationEmployee HandbooksMedical Reimbursement Plans

Other Ƶ Offered Across the Ƶ Network 

Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Business Management Consulting

Financial Management

Financial Management

Personal & Business Financial Planning
Financial Research
Financial Analysis & Consultation
Investment Advisory & Planning
Estate Planning
Retirement Planning
Financial Planning for Education 

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"We joined (what is now) Ƶ in 2015 and initially partnered with them for our Tax Preparation and Monthly bookkeeping. I immediately developed a relationship with the office and now find myself using them on a very regular basis for so many items beyond taxes and bookkeeping.  They have been an integral part in the development of compensation plans, planned strategic giving, and business/tax Consulting for our companies.  We have grown as a practice in the last 4 years and the constant support of the employees at Ƶ has been a major contributor to our success. I am so grateful for Ƶ and would highly recommend their services."

Since 2015

Anne Bonn

CMPE, Administrator at Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery

"You can trust the team at Ƶ - they listen!"

Since 2013

Dr. Julie Henderson

New Dawn Chiropractic

“Ƶ Arvada has helped me keeping me out of IRS jail!”

Since 2019

Stephen Antonelli

CEO at Antonelli Plumbing

“Ƶ helps us greatly to plan and strategize our business successfully in terms of taxes and bookkeeping. Sandra Moore and Diane Rowland are very knowledgeable and great to work with!”

Since 2009

Mike Kaufman

Ductworks, Inc.

“Ƶ Arvada has helped us to save moneyl!”

Since 2016

Chuck Tamblyn

Tamblyn Corp.

“Ƶ Arvada has helped my business with bookkeeping, invoices and taxes”

Since 2004

Ken Tubbs

Moli International

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